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Websites and Apps You Don’t Know Are Blocked in Some Countries

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Websites and Apps You Don’t Know Are Blocked in Some Countries – To you, the internet may have been part of your daily routine. Right from the moment you wake up in the morning to seconds prior to falling asleep, the internet and all of its content constantly accompany you. You go through the day with it. You live with it. You can’t escape it. You grow accustomed to using the internet so much so that the thought of not being able to access some websites is straight-up outlandish. But as a matter of fact, some websites are indeed blocked in some countries for various reasons. You would be lucky to know that your country doesn’t really do this so you can enjoy just about everything popping up on the internet. Turkey hasn’t been able to enjoy accessing Wikipedia since 2017. Two articles on Wikipedia implied that the country supported terrorist groups in the Syrian Civil War. Said articles were edited by unknown parties to omit the parts where the implications in question are found. Official editors, however, re-edited the articles back and locked them.

Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and UAE all block FaceTime, Telegram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Skype, Viber, Line, and Tango. The blocking sometimes involves an effort to limit freedom of speech. However, the main concern behind the ban mainly revolves around money. VoIP calls are considered a loss because they practically requires no money to make whereas the governments of Middle Eastern countries are the owner of major stakes in telecom companies.

Vimeo is blocked in Indonesia for containing videos of seductive women. The Southeast Asian country has a strict anti-pornography law and Vimeo was deemed violating said law. While it may be true that Vimeo contains some raunchy videos of sort, it also contains many, many educational videos, something that the country has failed to consider. In Iran, Telegram and Instagram have been blocked in a period between December 2017 and January 2018. The two were seen as a way to propagate anti-government campaign, which led to them being banned. was blocked in Russia for having hosted a video of Islamic State Propaganda. Gambling site also forbbiden to access in Indonesia region, example like cannot be access except using VPN. While in China, on the other hand, blocks almost every website known to humanity. Social media sites are banned. Google and Wikipedia are banned. A host of news websites are banned. YouTube is banned in China for the obvious reason. But the website is blocked in Pakistan, Iran, Sudan, and South Sudan mainly after a controversial 2012 short film The Innocence of Muslims.

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