Top 5 Guilty Pleasure Sports Movies

Top 5 Guilty Pleasure Sports Movies

There is no Eagles game this weekend (they play Thursday night) and having DirecTV will not allow me to watch the Flyers or the Sixers (not that the Sixers are worth watching currently).  So with my remote freed up, I will probably be watching some movies.  And why watch a good movie, when I can probably watch a good bad movie?  My first rule of a guilty pleasure movie is that it cannot be good, so don’t comment and say that Major League or Slapshot should be up there.  My second rule is that everytime it’s on I watch it, at least partly.  Here is my top 5:

Dennehy and Gooding in Gladiator

5. Gladiator:  No not the Russell Crowe version, though I guess gladiator fighting could be considered a sport.  At least if you Netflix it, you can claim that you thought you were getting the other Crowe film. This one is about an underground boxing ring, and stars James Marshall (Private Downey from A Few Good Men), a young pre-Jerry Maguire Cuba Gooding Jr, and Brian Dennehy.  I should have probably just started with Brian Dennehy is in this movie.  ‘Nuff said.

Brooke Langton in the Replacements

4.  The Replacements:  This 2000 gem of a movie features Keanu Reeves as Shane Falco, a south-pawed former collegiate star QB, however, his technique doesn’t necessarily remind you of Steve Young nor Michael Vick.  He looks about as athletic as you would expect Theodore Logan to be.  Whoa.  With the professional football players on strike, Gene Hackman plays the coach of this rag tag band of misfits.  If you expected Hoosiers, you’d be sadly mistaken.  The highlights (or lowlights as they might be) include Rhys Ifans of Little Nicky fame as the kicker, John Madden and Pat Summerall as the announcers, and I’m a big fan of head cheerleader Brooke Langton.

"Space Jam" Air Jordan XI

3.  Space Jam:  I always manage to sneak my man-crush (of Michael Jordan) or my man-hate (Donovan McNabb) into every post, but this one was pretty perfect.  Michael Jordan and other assorted NBA stars mixed with the Looney Tunes has guilty pleasure written all over it.  Don’t look past the sneaks featured in this one either, a prized commodity.  And the sure fact that some cartoon actually wanted Shawn Bradley’s basketball talent is pure comedy.

Ireland and Backula in Roughness.

2.  Necessary Roughness: Scott Bakula is practically an anagram for guilty pleasure.  Anything he has been in this side of Quantum Leap is probably pretty bad.  This movie has been done hundreds of times in many different incarnations.  However, all those other underdog, horrible team Cinderella movies didn’t feature Sinbad, Rob Schneider, Jason Bateman, and Kathy Ireland.  You have Robert Loggia (who makes his second appearance on the list — he was also in Gladiator) as the screaming defensive coordinator, and a handful of great camios from former NFL stars as a convict team.  None were actual convicts, though there  was Randy White and Tony Dorsett, a couple of Cowboys, which is close enough.

Ivan Drago, no explanation needed.

1.  Rocky IV:  The grandaddy of them all.  I had an internal debate on whether it should be Rocky III or IV.  The third installment put up a good fight (pardon the pun) with Mr. T, a Hulk Hogan appearance, and Mickey’s death.  But with repeat storylines (Apollo death, retraining by Apollo’s trainer), a James Brown cameo, and the trump card, Dolph Lundgren as Ivan Drago.  If there is one man that is the ultimate guilty pleasure movie it is Dolph.  Dolph, you had me at “I must break you.”

  • Tom

    Now the replacements is a classic. How can you tell me that large men singing and dancing in jail isnt great? And “wirery” isn’t just fun to say?

  • Mike Printz

    an honorable mention should go to “The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh”…and I’m surprised you weren’t absolutely sleepless from the horrors and nightmares of thinking about the Rocky Movies of III, IV, and you had to be screaming from thinking about V as well. That being said, I do have some rather “fond” movie moments of the movie “The Replacements” eg all the cheerleader scenes. 😉


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