They Were Told They Had No Talent and Look at Them Now

They Were Told They Had No Talent and Look at Them Now

Ronan Keating emerged as a pop sensation when he led the Irish boy band Boyzone in 1993. He branched away with a solo career in 2002, working with other big artists such as Bryan Adams and Barry Gibbs from the Bee Gees. But before all that, he was underestimated. Not only was he told he couldn’t sing, he also almost got pulled out of Boyzone. A producer fiercely demanded that he was to be dumped, thinking that Keating couldn’t sing. Keating tried to prove the producer that he was wrong and his effort clearly pays off today. Boy George helped define pop culture in the 1980s. His androgynous, flamboyant style really added flavor to the music scene during that era. George joined the band In Praise of Lemmings, which was revamped as Culture Club. The band disbanded and George found his own label More Protein to take on a solo career. A career counselor to a young George laughed at his face when he made his intention to become a musician known.

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Who would’ve thought that an actor of Gary Oldman’s caliber started off being underestimated? Over the years, Oldman has continued on amassing spectacular roles in a string of unforgettable movies but his path was not always smooth. When he applied to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, Oldman was told he wasn’t able to act at all and therefore was advised to look for another career path. Clearly, the advice wasn’t taken to heart.

They Were Told They Had No Talent and Look at Them Now

Arnold Schwarzenegger was told he had three factors that make his transition from bodybuilding to acting impossible: his accent, his overdeveloped body, and his unpronounceable name. Now he might have only won one prestigious award in the form of a Golden Globe for Best Acting Debut but he has been proven to be a box office magnet in his era. Starring in big-budget movies that launched you into superstardom doesn’t guarantee you have an easy road to walk upon. Keira Knightley learned this when she tried to audition for a role in the movie The Jacket. The director rejected her at first, thinking she had no talent in acting. But Knightley insisted and indeed won the director over. Despite initial harsh reaction from the director, Knightley claimed that she bore no grudge, fully realizing that her resume didn’t truly represent her quality as an actress. The actress has since won a lot of awards and earned some more nominations over the years.

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