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    DVD/Blu-ray: Finger-Lickin’ Good “Killer Joe” Deliciously, Deliriously Tawdry Noir

    If you think you’ve seen gritty, pulpy, trashy noir, then you certainly haven’t seen “Killer Joe.” Unapologetically tawdry, twistedly perverse and proudly NC-17, and of course, nastily entertaining, this blackly comic, Southern Gothic exploitation pic revels in trailer trash and lurid, black-hearted behavior. It might call for a shower afterwards to scrub...

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    Movie Review: If This is All FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS is Offering, I Think I’ll Pass

    First it was anthropomorphized ants (Antz and A Bug\’s Life), then asteroids heading for Earth (Deep Impact and Armageddon), and now…what?  Friends who also have sex with one another (No Strings Attached and Friends with Benefits)?  A little less impressive—never in my wildest dreams did I think the recession would affect the...