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    CultureMob Giveaway: Win Jo Nesbø’s HEADHUNTERS in Paperback

    If you fancy yourself a pulp fiction fan, do yourself a favor and check out the novels of Jo Nesbø.  Many have compared the Norwegian author’s crime thrillers to Stieg Larsson’s “Millennium Trilogy,” but for my money, Nesbø has Larsson beat.  While both share an affinity for grisly doings in the frozen European North (Norway for...

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    DC Film Beat: Metro Area Cinema for 14 February – 21 February

    Last week, I complained about the never-ended glut of Oscar nominees in the D.C. area.  The AFI Silver still hasn\’t rectified that problem on their main stage (“current” cinema options: The Artist and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.  Really?), but the side programming is tasty enough to dampen my ire.  Thursday brings a...

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    DC Film Beat: Metro Area Cinema for 17 November – 23 November

    Question: when is a movie about the absolute, guaranteed, make-no-bones-about-it destruction of the planet not the most abrasive film in a director\’s career? Answer: when said movie (Melancholia) follows Antichrist.  While the earlier film has its fair share of supporters (full disclosure: I\’m one of them), its beyond-extreme look at gender politics...

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    DC Film Beat: Metro Area Cinema for 27 September – 4 October

    We\’ll begin with another reminder of the two CultureMob movie giveaways going on right now.  The first (which you will find HERE) is for an exclusive Wednesday night screening of the music documentary Thunder Soul at the E Street Cinema, and the second (click HERE to go down the rabbit hole) is...

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    CultureMob Giveaway: THUNDER SOUL Tickets for E Street Cinema Advance Screening

    The good folks at the E Street Landmark Cinema in D.C. are in a generous mood this week, and as such, I\’ve got another very special giveaway for you.  This Wednesday, September 28th, the theater is hosting an advance screening of Thunder Soul.  I\’ll let Roadside Attractions\’ Official Synopsis take over for...

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    DC Film Beat: Metro Area Cinema for 13 September – 20 September

    Two mainstream announcements: if you haven\’t already, you should see Steven Soderbergh\’s Contagion.  I reviewed it HERE and while it isn\’t the horror film you may be expecting, it\’s a whole lot more intelligent and compassionate.  Check it out, stat. Furthermore, Danish auteur Nicolas Winding Refn\’s thriller Drive opens everywhere on Friday. ...

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    DC Film Beat: Metro Area Cinema for 16 August – 23 August

    A quick digression: director Michael Mann needs to start making normal movies again.  I rewatched Public Enemies this weekend, and it shares the same issue that all his films since (and including) Ali have had.  No longer do we get a traditional story with character arcs, rising and falling drama, and a...

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    DC Film Beat: Metro Area Cinema for 27 July – 1 August

    As the summer winds to a close, it\’s important to remember that, fun as they may be, summer blockbusters don\’t constitute the only game in town.  D.C. has a lot to offer without the words “Captain” or “America” or “Cowboys & Aliens” in the title, and this week is positively glutted with...

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    DC Film Beat: Metro Area Cinema for 21 June – 28 June

    Apologies for the brevity of this week\’s column.  It\’s the first week of summer, and the D.C. cinemas are providing cinema options with an appropriately hazy languor to match the summer heat.  Still, good movies are out there—beat the heat and seek them out! You got to love Larry Cohen.  The guy...

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