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    CultureMob Giveaway: Win THIS MEANS WAR on DVD

    Courtesy of the good folks at Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, CultureMob is offering a special giveaway for This Means War on DVD.  For more on director McG’s action-packed romantic-comedy, I\’ll turn to Fox’s official synopsis. Chris Pine and Tom Hardy portray the world’s deadliest CIA operatives, as well as inseparable partners and...

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    Silly “This Means War” Doesn’t Mean Much

    Director McG knows how to direct fun, energetic froth. Just look at the “Charlie’s Angels” movies, and there, he had three game females to work with. In the action romantic-comedy hybrid “This Means War,” which should’ve been an enjoyable lark, only the appealing talent involved makes it watchable in the very least....

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    Tempering an Epic with a Heartthrob: How WATER FOR ELEPHANTS Holds Up on Blu-ray

    In Water for Elephants, the resolutely old-fashioned adaptation of Sara Gruen\’s bestselling novel, we expect a focus on the forbidden love that develops between an aimless veterinary student (Robert Pattinson) and an abused circus performer (Reese Witherspoon).  If the proximity of “forbidden love” and Pattinson\’s Twilight heartthrob makes you a little nauseous,...

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    Interview: Robin Fredriksz, Make-up Artist on WATER FOR ELEPHANTS

      One of 2011\’s most beautiful films is the romantic melodrama Water for Elephants, which hits Blu-ray next Tuesday.  On a purely aesthetic level, director Francis Lawrence succeeds in creating a hyper-lush canvas that brilliantly evokes the widescreen cinema epics of the 1950\’s and 1960\’s. Across the board, the crew does gorgeous...

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    Catching Up with Summer 2011 on Blu-ray: HORRIBLE BOSSES Needs to Be More…Well, Horrible

    I\’m beginning to think that Seth Gordon\’s greatest strength as a director is confounding audience expectations.  His highly acclaimed documentary, The King of Kong, did the unthinkable—it took a “Donkey Kong” video game tournament and turned it into the stuff of great drama, complete with high stakes, hissable villains, and a scrappy...

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    “Water For Elephants” Much Like Its Star, Is A Gentle Giant

    You usually don’t expect a film that’s marketed as a romance to spark a childlike wonder at the spectacle of a life among animals and performers, but that that’s just what Water for Elephants does. Opening in theaters today, Water for Elephants is told from the memories of Jacob Jankowski, a ninety-something...

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