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    Movie Review: CATCH ME IF YOU CAN as Steven Spielberg’s Stealth Autobiography

      Funny that a breezy, effortless romp like Steven Spielberg\’s Catch Me If You Can would turn out to be the director\’s most personal film, but time has been very kind to this one, revealing depths left mostly unexplored during its Christmas 2002 release.  Back then, critics assumed Spielberg was working in...

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    Movie Review: Racing Around the World with INDIANA JONES: THE COMPLETE ADVENTURES

    People forget that when Steven Spielberg unleashed Raiders of the Lost Ark in 1981, he was coming out of a massive slump.  It\’s hard to believe that Hollywood\’s favorite wunderkind ever tasted anything other than Success\’ sweet nectar, but so is the power of his WWII comedy 1941; that film belly-flopped so...

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    Olympic Roundup: CHARIOTS OF FIRE and Five Other Sports Films for a Pre-Olympics Movie Marathon

    As the 2012 Olympics are drawing closer – start date is July 27th – Warner Home Entertainment has issued a special Blu-ray edition of its Academy Award sports drama Chariots of Fire.  Director Hugh Hudson\’s epic won the 1982 Best Picture Oscar, a fact that rankles many viewers to this day; how...

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    DC Film Beat: Metro Area Cinema for 1 May – 8 May

    The movie of the week is The Avengers.  In a minute, I\’m going to drop some slightly-less-hyped (understatement of the millennium) movie suggestions on you, but I know the score: you\’ll be seeing The Avengers no matter what.  That\’s not a criticism – I\’ll be seeing The Avengers, too.  I\’m reminded of...

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    Growing Up Is Hard to Do: The Charms of CANNONBALL RUN Fail Me

    One of the Great Internet Arguments (it\’s right up there with “George Lucas is the Devil for not releasing the unaltered Original Star Wars Trilogy on Blu-ray/DVD” and “Why is SOOOO wrong for the leading role in ”) surrounds that most venerated of Nerd...

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