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    Rock Out With Your Kids at Big Top Rock

    You know that you are about to neglect your children. 2012 approches quickly. It\’s one of the best holidays, and by gum, you are going to go out, ring in the new year, and leave the kids with a babysitter. Here\’s how you make up for it. There are two days left:...

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    The Best ‘Best Of 2011′ Music Lists

    It\’s that time of year again. It\’s time for massive “Best Of 2011” lists to flood the...

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    Seattle’s Wizdom Releases New Album ‘Unearthed’

    I have enjoyed following Wizdom’s musical journey this past year. Wizdom has maturated his life too, not...

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    Phileo Shacor: an Interview with the Los Angeles Based Comedian, Producer and Martial Artist

    “If you love life, don’t waste time, for time is what life is made up of.” – Bruce Lee If you are lucky enough to spend some time with Phileo Shacor, you will realize he is a walking “Quote-Giver”. Phileo truly seems to have grasped the meaning of life and his resume...

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    Punkers Bayside More Than Just Killing Time

    New York\’s Bayside has released their fifth album, Killing Time, and are currently touring the country co-headlining with Saves The Day. For Bayside, Killing Time shows a band tackling some raw and mature subject matter while still maintaining the fast, loud and melodic punk rock sound they are known for. Bayside is...

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    Blu-ray Roundup: THE TEMPEST

    Love her or hate her, director Julie Taymor\’s three pervious films—Titus, Frida, and Across the Universe—evince a filmmaker incapable of restraint or subtlety.  She increases the pitch of the performances and visuals (especially the visuals) to a level that\’s half-grand opera, half-Looney Tunes cartoon.  Her films thrive on the unexpected, and that\’s...

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    Fly Moon Royalty – Seattle Duo at Bumbershoot September 5, 2011

    With Bumbershoot this weekend,  Seattle is in for a treat. On Monday September 5, Fly Moon Royalty will be performing live. The combination that makes up Electro-Soul duo Fly Moon Royalty is vocalist Adra Boo and DJ/Producer/Emcee Action Jackson. I was lucky enough to catch them perform at The Crocodile earlier this summer...

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    Album Review: ‘While You Sleep’ by Bird By Bird

    Bird By Bird is pretty straight-forward pop rock group. There are notes of Tom Petty, Mellencamp, and at times INXS, that go into this vintage. It\’s everything you expect, and While you Sleep covers all the bases. There are break-up songs, infatuation songs, songs about never giving up on your dreams, and...

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    Hymn For Her Offer Fun And Memorable Live Sets Through Intensive Touring Schedule

      Emerging from their 16-foot Airstream trailer, the energetic duo of Lucy Tight and Wayne Waxing, a.k.a. Hymn For Her stopped to play in the intimate outdoor setting of The Garage in Charlottesville, Virginia. I came to the gig looking for something to divert my mind from a stressful day, and left...

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