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    DVD/Blu-ray: Finger-Lickin’ Good “Killer Joe” Deliciously, Deliriously Tawdry Noir

    If you think you’ve seen gritty, pulpy, trashy noir, then you certainly haven’t seen “Killer Joe.” Unapologetically tawdry, twistedly perverse and proudly NC-17, and of course, nastily entertaining, this blackly comic, Southern Gothic exploitation pic revels in trailer trash and lurid, black-hearted behavior. It might call for a shower afterwards to scrub...

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    Noir City is Back at SIFF, February 24 through March 1

    Noir City is back at SIFF. Hosted by the Seattle International Film Festival, Noir City, a popular series of, you guessed it, film noir, kicks off at SIFF Cinema at the Uptown on February 24 and runs through March 1. Subtitled The Stuff Bad Dreams are Made Of, the slate of films...