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    Oliver Stone’s “Savages” Merely a Fun, Pulpy Ride

    Say what you will about the one Oliver Stone, but he’s never made a boring movie, as hectoring headaches as they can be. Taking a look at the man’s filmography—1986’s “Platoon,” 1989’s “Born on the Fourth of July,” 1994’s “Natural Born Killers,” 1999’s “Any Given Sunday,” and 2006’s “World Trade Center,” just...

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    New on DVD/Blu-ray: “Contraband” Overly Familiar But Efficient Genre Pic

    You’ve seen the proverbial “one last job” movie dozens of times before under different titles. For a big-studio release in January—ya know, the disreputable dumping month where movies go to die—”Contraband” is an overly familiar genre programmer, but more slick and entertaining than it has any business being if one’s expectations are...

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    “Project X” Alternately Outrageous, Fun, Daring, Witless, Pointless Junk

    After you turn 21, the excitement and novelty of getting wasted gradually wears off. Those who still revel in their party-’til-you-drop years—or haven’t even reached that point but can’t wait to—are clearly the target audience for “Project X,” an unfiltered “Superbad” or “Can’t Hardly Wait” shot in the overexposed mockumentary/found-footage aesthetic. Only...

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