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    Movie Review: The Criterion Collection’s SANSHO THE BAILIFF and THE KID WITH A BIKE

      The Criterion Collection\’s new releases of The Kid with a Bike and Sansho the Bailiff mirror each other in interesting ways, despite their very obvious discrepancies of subject matter and time period.  Released in 1954, Sansho the Bailiff is a measured, aesthetically formal look at feudal Japan, while The Kid with...

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    Movie Review: THE MAN WHO KNEW TOO MUCH Marks the Arrival of the Great Alfred Hitchcock

      It took Alfred Hitchcock seventy-six minutes to establish that he would become one of cinema\’s great architects.  Football games run longer than that; people often find themselves waiting in airports for longer than that.  Seventy-six minutes is a drop in the ocean, temporally speaking, yet the hour-and-a-quarter runtime of The Man...

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    Movie Review: Using FOLLOWING to Unlock Christopher Nolan, from MEMENTO through THE DARK KNIGHT RISES

    It\’s fitting that Following, the microbudget first feature-film from director Christopher Nolan, comes out on Blu-ray a week after Nolan\’s The Dark Knight Rises hit the HD format, and by “fitting,” I\’m not just talking about marketing synergy (although the good folks at the Criterion Collection were savvy to tie Following to...

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    Movie Review: How in the World Did BARBARELLA Ever Get Made?

    Paramount Pictures bankrolled Barbarella.  Paramount Pictures bankrolled Barbarella.  I mention that fact twice because I still can\’t believe it, that one of Hollywood most venerated movie studios – Paramount made The Ten Commandments and The Godfather, for God\’s sakes – financed what is, essentially, a test run for the kind of fare...

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    DC Film Beat: Metro Area Cinema for 5 June – 12 June

    The film of the week for all you D.C.\’ians (that sounds right) is playing at the West End Cinema – it\’s Children of Paradise, director Marcel Carné\’s seminal tragic romance.  Now, you may be asking, “Why, Josh, should I be interested in seeing a nearly seventy-year-old flick (in black and white, no...

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    Blu-ray Roundup: April in the Park with Criterion

    This past April has seen one of the Criterion Collection\’s most esoteric release slates.  The distributor\’s new Blu-rays do not offer much in the way of viewer-friendly upgrades or classic-film makeovers; Criterion wants you to work for your April entertainment.  The results have been challenging but not unpleasant, and the following three...

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    Blu-ray Roundup: Catching Up with the Criterion Collection – February 2012

    The Criterion Collection is one of those rare institutions I\’d write love poetry for (if I wrote love poetry, of course); it shares a place in my heart alongside my dog and eggplant parmesan.  A lot of folks decry Criterion with the dreaded Pretentious label (click HERE for dilettantism at its worst). ...

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    The Best of 2011: Top Ten Blu-rays Edition

    2011 was the year of the catalog release: industry analysts observed the trends, crunched the data, and determined that Blu-ray is here to stay, at least until we humans get mini-entertainment processors installed in our brains.  You could sense the movie studios relaxing, safe in the knowledge that administering HD upgrades to...

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    Blu-ray Roundup: The Criterion Collection’s THE PHANTOM CARRIAGE

    Recently re-released by the Criterion Collection, director Victor Sjöström\’s The Phantom Carriage may carry the distinction of “Most Influential Film That No One Discusses Anymore.”  A 1921 morality play about drunken reprobate David Holm (Sjöström) confronting his many sins and indiscretions after he is forced to take Death\’s reins and gather souls...

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