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    DVD/Blu-ray: Finger-Lickin’ Good “Killer Joe” Deliciously, Deliriously Tawdry Noir

    If you think you’ve seen gritty, pulpy, trashy noir, then you certainly haven’t seen “Killer Joe.” Unapologetically tawdry, twistedly perverse and proudly NC-17, and of course, nastily entertaining, this blackly comic, Southern Gothic exploitation pic revels in trailer trash and lurid, black-hearted behavior. It might call for a shower afterwards to scrub...

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    Near-Great “Dark Knight Rises” Caps Off Trilogy With Spectacular, Satisfying End

    DC Comics’ toyetic Caped Crusader has come a long way since the campy TV series, Tim Burton’s darkly inventive vision, and Joel Schumacher’s splashy (and in the case of 1997’s “Batman & Robin,” overblown) supervision with giant price tags. With 2005’s “Batman Begins,” writer-director Christopher Nolan reinvented everything we knew about Batman,...

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    Law and Disorder: an interview with William Landay, author of ‘Defending Jacob’

    If you think you know the formula for legal thrillers, think again. Former District Attorney William Landay...

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    Honoring the Greats: Treating Classic Films on Blu-ray

    The Blu-ray format can prove a wee bit problematic for anything released, say, pre-The Adventures of Ford Fairlane.  That enhanced resolution works wonders for films taking into account 4K magnifications and 3D details, but for older entries in the canon, Blu-ray can show the seams on once-effective makeup or turn a shimmering...

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    Why We Should All Be Watching Prime Suspect

    Prime Suspect is a drama about a group of homicide detectives working in New York. One reason we should...

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    Drive: The Movie – In Theaters September 16th

    Hold on to your seats folks, a great movie is roaring our way! Due out September 16th, ‘Drive\’ is shaping up to be a terrific thrill ride of a film. Starring Ryan Gosling as a stuntman who works on the side as a getaway driver, it is the story of a crime...

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