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    DVD/Blu-ray: Finger-Lickin’ Good “Killer Joe” Deliciously, Deliriously Tawdry Noir

    If you think you’ve seen gritty, pulpy, trashy noir, then you certainly haven’t seen “Killer Joe.” Unapologetically tawdry, twistedly perverse and proudly NC-17, and of course, nastily entertaining, this blackly comic, Southern Gothic exploitation pic revels in trailer trash and lurid, black-hearted behavior. It might call for a shower afterwards to scrub...

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    Enjoyably Lunatic “Seven Psychopaths” Deconstructs Crime-Noir Tropes

    The self-explanatory “Seven Psychopaths” is populated with just that, or maybe more, and it’s Irish playwright-turned-writer-director Martin McDonagh’s answer to Quentin Tarantino’s “Reservoir Dogs” and his brutal, enjoyably lunatic follow-up to 2008’s great “In Bruges.” Wickedly funny, slyly clever, and dementedly off-center, this blackly comic crime noir skips through genres while deconstructing...

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    Caustic “Bachelorette” Lacks Heart But Not Dark Laughs

    When you rub out your hangover, “Bachelorette” won’t be remembered for its romantic heart or its charming characters because it’s shamelessly devoid of either. Then again, this is a caustic, toilet-mouthed, and stingingly funny black comedy about nasty—nay, toxic—and self-involved women. Even though it shares cosmetic similarities to 2011’s equally hilarious and...

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    “Bernie” an Unusually Amusing, Touching True-Crime Story

    As “Bernie” opens, a title card informs that “what you’re fixin’ to see is…a true story,” referring to a 1998 article in the Texas Monthly by Skip Hollandsworth. Bernhardt “Bernie” Tiede of Carthage, Texas was convicted of first-degree murder for shooting 81-year-old Marjorie Nugent in the back four times and then storing...

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    CultureMob Giveaway: HORRIBLE BOSSES Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Copy Combo Pack

    Courtesy of the good folks at Warner Home Video, CultureMob is offering a special giveaway for the Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Copy Combo package of Horrible Bosses.  I could try and summarize the plot of director Seth Gordon\’s all-star black comedy, but I\’ll leave that job to the blurb on the OFFICIAL WEBSITE. For Nick...

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