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    Movie Review: How in the World Did BARBARELLA Ever Get Made?

    Paramount Pictures bankrolled Barbarella.  Paramount Pictures bankrolled Barbarella.  I mention that fact twice because I still can\’t believe it, that one of Hollywood most venerated movie studios – Paramount made The Ten Commandments and The Godfather, for God\’s sakes – financed what is, essentially, a test run for the kind of fare...

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    First Annual Science Fiction Film Festival At Seattle’s Cinerama

    Seattle science fiction and film fans have a reason to rejoice as our very own Cinerama presents The First Annual Science Fiction Film Festival. The fest runs April 19 through May 2, and promises to be just as incredible as it sounds. The line up is bolstered by lynchpins like screenings of...

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    Check Out Sci-Fi/Fantasy Wednesdays All August Long At Central Cinema

    God bless the fine folks at Seattle\’s very own Central Cinema. No theater in town has as much fun with their programming, as consistently, as they do. And every Wednesday in August, beginning tomorrow, August 3rd, they\’re screening a different classic, schlocky science fiction or fantasy film, including a couple of personal...