Supernatural Recap: You Can\’t Handle the Truth

Based on the episode title, will we see a special cameo from Jack?

We start this week\’s episode with a waitress telling someone on the phone that she “just needs the truth.” She certainly gets more than she bargained for when co-workers and patrons start telling her all their negative feelings toward her. She gets so depressed that she grabs the restaurant\’s handgun and blows her brains all over BIG ANDERSON\’S HAPPY PLACE sign.

Dean and Bobby argue about what\’s going on with Sam. Sam shows up with info about the waitress\’s death being linked to other suicides. The boys show up on her sister\’s doorstep, where Sam really gives her the third degree about lying to them. The sister admits to telling the waitress to “just kill herself.”

Next scene takes place in the dentist\’s office, where the Dentist is trying to calm Paul down. Paul suddenly becomes very calm, and starts sharing about how he hates his own wife and hooked up with the Dentist\’s younger daughter. The dentist GORES into Paul\’s mouth with his cavity drill. Wow, they have really upped the blood factor this season. That was BLOODY!

Dean sends Sam off to investigate the dental death while he researches what\’s going on with Sam. Sam finds out the dentist hanged himself in his cell. Dean heads to the dentist\’s office to find any kind of info he can, while Sam goes to examine the body. He finds a picture of the dead waitress. They both go to Harry\’s House of Horns. Harry doesn\’t know what\’s going on, but he really seems preoccupied with his stolen thousand-year-old horn (stolen the same day the waitress died).

Dean thinks this could be another of Heaven\’s weapons that landed on Earth. Castiel shows up. Caz says he doesn\’t know what\’s wrong with Sam, but it is not Lucifer. Caz says he has been distracted by another war that has made him do regrettable things. He promises to still help Sam, but lets Dean know it isn\’t Gabriel\’s Horn of Truth.

Meanwhile, Sam gets a lot of truth from the coroner, who says that all the bodies are gone from the morgue. Dean, while in the bar, says “I\’d just like the freakin\’ truth”, and he gets a dose of truth from the bartender, who doesn\’t know why she is telling him all her secrets. Dean rushes off, but not before getting a second glance at a lady who admitted she got breast implants to get a lot of attention (the look on Dean\’s face was PRICELESS). Bobby and Dean chat again, while Bobby says he is watching TORI AND DEAN (“Tori Spelling… I\’m a huge fan.” Tremendous!) Bobby admits to getting pedicures. Dean figures out that he is cursed.

Sam is speaking with the first victim\’s sister. He investigates the victim\’s room, where he finds a box that includes a cat skull.

Dean is talking to Lisa now, who is ready to lay some serious truth on him. She breaks things off with him.

Dean confronts Sam about why he just stood by as the vamp attacked Dean. Sam says he froze and feels terrible about it. Dean doesn\’t seem to know what to think (I could swear Sam had a poker tell during this conversation, which would be a great connection to the earlier conversation).

Dean and Sam learn that the first victim summoned Veritas, Goddess of Truth. Dean remembers a newswoman from the bar television while he was in there. They see in her try-out video that she is afraid of a neighborhood dog, the Achilles\’ heel for Veritas, and the video shows her eyes light up for total confirmation.  (Side note:  Veritas is played by Serinda Swan, who has been in the series before as a hospital receptionist… she is extremely easy on the eyes)

Sam and Dean follow the news lady with a flask of dog\’s blood. They find the missing bodies in her home, but too late, because Veritas throws them across the room and ties them up. Sam and Dean work on untying themselves while Veritas pulls one of the grossest tongues I have ever seen out of one of the bodies AND EATS IT! GROOOOOOOSSSSS!

Image from The CW

Veritas asks Sam and Dean to play a game of truth or truth. She asks Dean how he feels about Sam, and Dean admits that he thought Sam was a monster, until he realized that Sam was just acting like him. Dean now knows that he is a killer, not a family man. She asks Sam how he feels about re-joining with Dean. He says that they watch out for each other, and Veritas starts going nuts. She says he is lying to him, despite being cursed to only tell the truth. She says he is NOT HUMAN. Sam escapes before any more can be revealed, and they fight. Dean escapes and both brothers stab Veritas through the heart. Dean keeps the weapon held up toward Sam.

Image from The CW

Sam admits there is something wrong with him, and he admits he let the vampire bite Dean. He wanted to find the nest of vampires. Sam admits that he has lost feeling any kind of fear or emotion since coming back. He knows he needs help, and Dean puts down the weapon. He then proceeds to beat the holy hell out of Sam\’s face, reminding me of Sam\’s brutal beat down of Dean in the Season 5 closer.

Quote of the Night: Old lady in the restaurant: “I ran over a homeless man once, and I never even stopped to see if he was alive.” (Call me crazy, but I laughed really hard at this very random comment. Her delivery of the line was droll and flawless.)

Gore of the Night: The Dental exam scene will make anyone who saw it think twice before setting up his or her next teeth cleaning.

Also, I am pretty sure I gagged when Veritas chomped into the dead body tongue. The sound effects, combined with great special effects, really made this jolly fat guy lose his appetite!

Moment of the Night: The big reveal at the end about Sam, along with Dean\’s reaction, really made a serious impact in the storyline for the remainder of the season. This can\’t blow over in a few episodes. The damage has been done.

Season 6 Episode 6
Written by Nicole Snyder and Eric C. Charmelo
Directed by Jan Eliasberg