Supernatural Recap: Weekend at Bobby\’s

Season 6 Episode 4

Written by: Andrew Dabb and Daniel Loflin
Directed by: JENSEN ACKLES

We hit the ground running with Bobby and Crowley from one year ago (right after saving the world from the Apocalypse). Bobby wants his soul back, since Crowley made him a deal that he would give it back. Crowley won\’t give it back, due to the loophole wording in the contract, which we see is written on Bobby\’s body. It says he only has to “give his best effort” to give the soul back, and Crowley smugly states he gave his best effort, but can\’t give it back. Bobby uses a UV PAINT/DARK LIGHT Devil’s Trap to capture Crowley, planning to torture him to get it back, but Crowley came prepared with his pet HELL BEAST. This was a fantastic sequence, with very subtle and intense acting from both actors.

Image from The CW

Image from The CW

We see Dean and Sam find an unidentified claw and turn to Bobby for help. This leads into another great montage, this time giving us KENNY ROGERS singing for Bobby as he seems to do anything and everything he can to research for the boys. He even breaks into a library to continue his 24-7 research.

After he calls Dean with the answer on how to kill their monster (which is the only part we usually see), he goes into his basement where he has a demon captive. He is trying to get Crowley\’s real name, and he is torturing her by burning something that belongs to the demon (we don\’t see what it is…yet). She won\’t budge, because Crowley is now the King of Hell while Lucifer remains locked up.

We\’re introduced to Marcy, Bobby\’s next-door neighbor, who interrupts the torture to bring Bobby cobbler, and asks for his help fixing her broken wood chipper. She even attempts to ask him to dinner, which Bobby wants but can\’t do. Nice DRAG ME TO HELL reference thrown into their conversation.

Once she leaves, Bobby goes back to torturing the demon, who finally reveals FERGUS MACLEOD as Crowley\’s real name. Bobby then tells the demon, “Gave it my best effort,” and proceeds to burn her up.

We see Bobby multi-tasking with numerous phone calls from hunters, begging him for his help and knowledge, balanced with phone calls for his FBI head honcho to confirm fake identities of the hunters. Bobby barely has time to do anything for himself, including trying Marcy\’s cobbler, when Rufus shows up, demanding Bobby\’s immediate help with burying an Okami body. Rufus offers to help Bobby find Crowley/MacLeod. All this is happening on top of Dean calling again for more help, and Sheriff Jody shows up with the FBI in tow. FBI man is looking for Rufus (who is also known as RUBEN STUDDARD and LUTHER VANDROSS in their database…TREMENDOUS).

Image from The CW

Image from The CW

While the Sheriff helps to get rid of the FBI agent, Bobby learns that Rufus didn\’t kill the Okami correctly, and it is alive and about to kill Marcy. Bobby is there in time, and sends it through Marcy\’s not-so-broken wood chipper, which leaves Marcy covered in a CARRIE-STYLE bloodbath. Suddenly, she\’s not so interested in dating Bobby anymore, despite his magnificent battle for her life.

Rufus found out that Crowley, when he was alive as Fergus MacLeod, had a son. The long dead son has a ring that ended up in a museum, which Rufus is going to steal for Bobby. Dean calls again, really worried about Sam, but Bobby puts him on hold to answer Rufus\’ call about having to swallow the ring. Apparently, he is being chased by the police and faces certain arrest. Bobby clicks back over to Dean, who scolds Bobby for putting him on hold.

This leads to the best Bobby monologue I have ever heard during the six seasons of the show being on air. He launches into why Sam and Dean are not the center of the universe, finishing with “How about you two sack up and help ME for once?”

Bobby asks Sheriff Jody to help extradite Rufus from prison, but she fears losing her job (she ends up doing it anyway). Rufus shows up with the pooped-out ring, and Bobby uses it to bring the MacLeod son back from the dead.

Crowley shows up, does a great impression of Bobby and how their conversations usually proceed, and laughs when Bobby re-introduces him to his son Gavin MacLeod. Apparently, Gavin and Fergus MacLeod really hated each other when they were both alive. Bobby reveals, to the horror of Crowley, that Gavin revealed the information of where Fergus MacLeod\’s bones were buried. We now see that this is what can be used to burn up demons, just like with ghosts on the series.

Crowley is now on the phone with Dean and Sam, who are in Scotland, standing over the bones of Fergus MacLeod. Since he is trapped by another symbol and can\’t go protect his bones, Crowley has no choice but to give Bobby his soul back. Bobby actually lets him live, and he races over to Scotland to retrieve his bones.

We finish with Sam and Dean talking to Bobby, apologizing for their previous conversation, and Bobby finally sits down to enjoy that cobbler…until the phone rings again.

Side Note: This was the best episode of SUPERNATURAL this season, and so well written, directed, and acted, that it should be nominated for awards across the board. Jim Beaver and Mark Sheppard have great chemistry together, and this was a great showcase for their talent. Even Steve Williams and Kim Rhodes got to show some great range tonight. I can only imagine how many people will be considering a spin-off show for these four. They really carried the ball tonight.

MOMENT OF THE NIGHT: Bobby\’s monologue to the boys was Emmy-worthy, and I really hope this episode gets remembered during nominations season.

GORE OF THE NIGHT: Wood chipper Okami, leading to Marcy looking like she recreated the prom scene in CARRIE.

QUOTE OF THE NIGHT: Too many as usual (the one liners are what this show does best), but if I must pick just one, I will cheat a little and pick the numerous times that Bobby became frustrated and said “BALLS!” It even came around full-circle, when Crowley became frustrated and exclaimed, “BOLLOCKS!” I know, I\’m so immature, but I don\’t care. I giggled like a little schoolgirl every time. Balls!

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