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Some Amazing Feats of Modern-day Tech

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Technology has grown so much that it becomes an integral part of humans’ life. Technology now is on course to change the world. We might be able to deal with certain diseases that were previously untreatable in the coming years. It will also revolutionize the way we do what we usually do. Groundbreaking, sometimes earthshattering, advancements continue to pop up every year at least. Biohax International has been campaigning for their multipurpose microchips and people in Sweden are all excited to get one of these rice grain-sized implants. The implant costs $180 and insertion is made with a syringe into a recipient’s thumb. What’s so good about these chips anyway that more than 4000 have embraced them? For starter, the chip will help you connect with your homes, offices, and gyms wirelessly just by simply swiping your hand. In addition, the chip may contain other information such as e-tickets for train trip, social media profile, and emergency contact details.

A breakthrough in embryonic science was achieved by Dutch scientist when they created synthetic mouse embryos that required neither sperm nor eggs. The process is complicated and may require a whole new article to be properly explained. But the catch is real with this one; with this development, infertility research can get the help it needs for all this years.

Obvious, an art collective in Paris developed an AI which eventually goes on to create a painting on its own. Said painting was sold at an auction for $432,000. The painting in question is titled Portrait of Edmond Belamy and was estimated by to be able to sell only for at least $7,000. Ox, a startup company in San Carlos, California, created what is basically a robot farm. The farm involves two machines that handle planting, caring for, and harvesting the produce on their own. By the year 2030, Sweden seeks to have fully relieved itself of fossil-fuel dependency. A project called eRoadArlanda has just been deployed on a road near Stockholm that makes said road capable of charging electric vehicles as they go through. A machine called Skywater was invented by a California-based team dubbed Skysource/Skywater Alliance. What Skywater can do is truly promising as it is capable of producing hundreds of gallons of fresh drinking water—out of the thin air. Running on either biofuels or solar power, the machine condenses water vapor from the air to create drinking water.

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