Social Media Features that Exist but Most People Don’t Use (But Should Do)
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Social Media Features that Exist but Most People Don’t Use (But Should Do)

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Who says that social media is only updating what we are doing and mostly about keeping in touch with our friends? If you do, you get social media wrong! In fact, there are many social media features that exist but most people don’t know and don’t use but they should. Here they are:

Facebook Groups– Facebook Groups
First, we have Facebook Groups feature. Why should we use this feature then? Facebook group was made with a certain algorithm named apocalypse for business that allows this enables content getting priority in the users’ news feed are no groups and friends. Fan and also business pages now get pushed aside.

Yet, don’t worry! You can always create a group in Facebook to support your business. Build your business and stay engaged with your beloved community as well as show your existence up higher in your customers’ Facebook news feed. It is such a free promotion, huh?

Social Media Features that Exist but Most People Don’t Use (But Should Do)– Paid Promotions on Facebook
Then, you have this feature called paid promotions on Facebook. This feature enables you to reach the market on your social platforms that haven’t followed your account. This feature of paid ads is the key to your business.

Using this feature of Facebook, you are able to run a great campaign with a low budget. You can even pause or cancel your market campaigns whenever you feel that your spend is too high. Your spend can only go up when people on Facebook click on your advertisement. To use this feature, make sure you already have great content along with decent image to catch people’s attention when they are surfing on their Facebook news feed.

So, which features have you used so far? As a wise user of social media, you better get the most of the existence of social media. Occupy those social media features so you can get more and more benefits from you install on your phone!

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