Review: Mezzo Lunatico\’s ‘Easter Eve Revival\’ Show

Another Easter has come and gone, and all have celebrated the holiday in their own way. Some hunted for eggs, others observed the rebirth of a savior, and a few gave their prayers to the fertility goddesses of old.

Of course, the really lucky ones celebrated the night before at the Teatro Zinzanni by watching beautiful women remove their garments while a troop of nuns milled about. That is to say; they attended Mezzo Lunatico\’s Easter Eve Revival show.

Curated and hosted by Paula the Swedish Housewife, this show had all the makings of a good time: dancing, music, and, of course, candy. However, before I even get into the performances, a shout out to the Teatro Zinzanni restaurant itself. Never before have I seen a venue more suited to burlesque and cabaret. The patterned lighting and circus tent style interior make it feel as if one has slipped into a magical world where nothing is impossible, and the rising stage at the center ensures that everyone has a good view. The servers deserve a lot of credit as well, both for getting into the act themselves with beautiful costumes, and for being able to hear my orders over the show sounds.

Of course, any show curated by the Swedish Housewife is going to have talent. Paula herself took on the persona of Eostre and performed a mock duel of wits with Pastor Caleb about their theological reasons for celebrating. Both of these performers are talented comedians, and their back-and-forth wordplay was hilarious. Serving as Pastor Caleb\’s enforcers, the flamboyantly dressed Sisters of the Mother House of Washington raced around the audience all evening, making sure we always had something interesting to look at.

Adding a touch of danger to the evening were aerialists Elizabeth Rose in blue and Quynbi in red. Watching these two acrobats perform their respective midair acts created a strange, but not unpleasant, mixture of feelings. One the one hand, they went through their routines with such grace and precision that I couldn\’t help but feel calm and serene. Then I remembered how far down the stage was, and it was back to the edge of my seat!

Naturally, no Seattle cabaret show would be complete without burlesque, and for that the show had Kitten LaRue and Honey D. Luxe of the Atomic Bombshells. These lovely ladies first performed a solo act each, and then joined forces for a tandem dance. Kitten\’s first number ended with her gyrating around the inside of an enormous hula-hoop, and Honey passed out delicious sweets from Mezzo Lunatico\’s sponsor, Top Pot Doughnuts. Their combined performance was a dance in the costume of sexy angels. It was good, although the end did leave me wishing there had been a bit more stripping involved.

As is a staple for Mezzo Lunatico, the Easter Eve Revival show had plenty for the audience to do as well. There were several periods of free dancing, with music provided by The Witness, not to mention Pastor Caleb calling up one audience member to share his troubles. The best part, however, was the Easter Bonnet Battle Royal, in which everyone got to show off whatever they had on their heads and prizes were handed out to the winners.

After the performance concluded, many members of the audience stayed to dance long into the wee hours. My only serious complaint was that the show ended a little abruptly; a final dance number would have been perfect. Even so, I\’m hard pressed to come up with a better way to have spent Easter Eve. Mezzo Lunatico\’s next show is coming up on May 28, this time curated and hosted by Mark Pickerel and his Praying Hands.

Photo Courtesy of David Rose