Philly’s Mural Arts Program “Love Letter Tour” Helps Couple Get Engaged

Philly’s Mural Arts Program “Love Letter Tour” Helps Couple Get Engaged

If you ever had any doubts about Philadelphia being a city of love, we have a story to put those doubts to rest once and for all. It all started when Canadian couple Todd and Meaghan learned about the Philadelphia’s Mural Arts Program “Love Letter Tour.” They decided to take an extended layover in Philadelphia (en route to Paris). Todd contacted the Mural Arts tour office, telling them that he wanted to propose to Meaghan on the tour. The Mural Arts Program turned around and offered “a clever idea in making his marriage proposal extra special.”

The video below is a result of the Mural Arts Program’s partnership with The University of Pennsylvania — Penn Singers Light Opera Company and Penn Glee Club. The Mural Arts Program was kind enough to send the link to the video to us here at CultureMob, so we could share with our readers the biggest surprise of Meaghan’s life!


For more information about the “Love Letter Tour,” visit www.muralarts.org/tour.


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