Movember – When Men and Mo Sistas Worldwide Stop Shaving to Raise Awareness of Men\’s Health

During November, you might notice a few more scruffy-faced guys and you might hear the words mustache and beard more that you normally would. Why? It\’s Movemeber. Keep reading to find out more:

In October, the color pink reigned for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We had ribbons and coffee, t-shirts and dog clothes, and even questionable cocktails all decked out in their finest girly attire. Plus, globs of pinkwashing— all claiming to raise breast cancer awareness. With rallies, 5ks, dragon boat races and more, the ladies clearly know how to come together over an issue. The men, even though they can also get breast cancer, seem to be behind.

No Shave November / MovemberUntil recently, that is. The month-long Movember event is gaining new mustache and beard inches each year. Some participators raise money. Others go all out to spread the word about men\’s health, particularly prostate cancer, which is the number two cancer killer of men. Either way, each individual makes a commitment to stop shaving his face for 30 days. Some people call the month, No Shave November, while others say Movember. Not only is this event about something you do (or don\’t do) in the morning. These bestial men spread awareness throughout the day with events and into the night with parties and galas.

Many cities throw celebrations at the end of November or in the beginning of December to recognize their hairiness. In  the United States in 2010, parties will be held in L.A., Seattle and Atlanta to name a few. Art exhibitions celebrating mustaches will also be held in New York, L.A. and Toronto this year.

Most people agree that the event came together as all manly things do: over a few beers and as a bit of a joke. This happened in Australia in 2003. The Internet and social media have undoubtedly increased growth for this cause.

5 Ways You Can Support Movember, or No Shave Month Right Now (yes, ladies too)

1. Stop shaving. This one is obvious, but if you\’re still picking up that razor before you leave the house, then stop. Girls can commit to not shaving their legs.

2. Attend a Movember party or event. To find one in your area, check out the Nomember Foundation website. Most events can be found on Facebook as well.

3. Donate to an individual or team participating in Movember. The Prostate Cancer Foundation and Livestrong will be the beneficiaries of all monies raised. According to the Movember website, people raised $42 million for Movember\’s global beneficiary partners in 2009.

4. Buy a CityStache t-shirt. CityStache is a fundraising platform to raise awareness and fund men\’s health issues. Right now, you can buy a hair-themed t-shirt. Half of the proceeds will fund prostate cancer research. To amp up your desire to buy a shirt, consider this: each city is competing to see whose citizens can buy the most t-shirts. As of Nov. 7, 2010, San Diego, L.A. and Chicago are at the top. One wish will be granted to the winning city which sold the most shirts by Aug. 31, 2011. For other mustache-themed t-shirts, go here.

5. Spread the word about why you\’re not shaving in November. Post pictures of your hair growth on Facebook, Twitter and Daily Mugshot. Also, talk about with people you know.

When December rolls around, guys can have fun with their hair by trying out different hair styles with their beards and mustaches. For some ideas, visit Guidespot and Trend Hunter.

Another good way to help is to share this article so that your friends and family can know what it\’s about and participate too. If not this year, then the next one. Any and all support matters.

Photo Credit: Original image by Miguel Sanchez via Wikimedia Commons with modifications by Lindsay Oberst.