Minecraft PS3 Update Release Date – What’s New In Store?

Minecraft PS3 Update Release Date – What’s New In Store?

Minecraft is an extremely popular game because it has managed to stay at the top of the charts for too long.

Recently, 4J Studios, the developer of both minecraft PS3 and even the Xbox 360 version has launched an update for these versions.
In the upcoming times, one can expect to find a new patch and even a DLC. A new screenshot was released by 4J Studios where they spoke about the main changes that one is likely to see as far as the minecraft PS3 version is concerned.

The Big Changes That are Likely To Come

When the latest update will be launched, there are going to be some really big changes. Here are some of the main aspects that are likely to see the waves of change rolled over.

The user interface will get a makeover as efforts are being put to jazz up the interface even more. One of the key causes for the success of a game has to be the type of interface it has to offer. If there is no change in the interface, people are most likely to be hooked to the game forever.

In the Minecraft PS3 update, an adventure mode will be added. Rather than work like the building mode, this new mode will act more like the survival type. Minecraft was released on PS3 in December and people were really pleased with the version. However, the time is right to add more updates.

The Minecraft PS4 version is round the corner and is soon to be released. It was only last week that 4J Studios gave the confirmation that even those who love to play games on PS3 will be getting an exclusive DLC.

Is PS3 A Popular Gaming Portal?

There is absolutely no doubt that PS3 remains one of the popular gaming portal. Ever since the launch of PS4, there have been a lot of players who wanted to buy this new portal. However, this doesn’t mean that PS3 lost its zing. Play Station by Sony is one of those portals that have managed to offer gamers some of the most engaging graphics and stunning game quality.
No doubt, there are various people waiting for the PS4 release, however, there is buzz and excitement for these updates too. Ever since the screenshot was released by 4J Studios, PS3 lovers can’t wait to get their DTC and enjoy the string of updates that are likely to be launched.


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