Instagram – What You Need to Know about
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Instagram – What You Need to Know about

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This trendy application named Instagram has been able to bewitch all cool teens into it. This platform has been around for about a few years now. It becomes very popular as most teens are crazy about mobile photography. So, if you haven’t got any idea what Instagram is all about, just stay tuned!

– About It
This social media app is basically made to share the videos and photos from a smartphone. This social media application enables everyone who has created an account to have a profile and also news feed. If you post a video or photo on Instagram, it will be shown on your profile. The people who are being your followers will be able to see this video or photo in their own news feed.
The same thing also happens with you, all posts about videos or photos by people that you follow will also appear in your feed. The emphasis of this platform is on its mobile usage and visual sharing. Other function of this app is almost the same as the other social networks. It allows you to have an interaction with other people by commenting, tagging, liking, private messaging, following and being followed.

Instagram What You Need to Know about– Applicable Devices for this Social Media Application
If you happen to have an Android or iOS smartphone, you can install this app for free. You can also access this platform on the website from your computer or PC. However, if you access this app from other devices than the smartphone, you will not be able to upload or share the videos or photos.

– Using this Social Media App
As the main function of this app is for the visual sharing, it is better to only share the best photos and videos. Each user profile is completed with Following and Follower count. You can see how many people who follow you and who are being followed by you. Each user profile will be equipped with a button that is easily tapped if you want to follow. If the users set their profiles in private, then you have to ask for their permission to follow them and wait for them to approve your request.

You need to remember that if you have created the profile as well as set it to the public, everyone is able to find and view your profile as well as your videos and photos. You can learn how to set your profile in private on Instagram if you don’t want everybody views your posts.

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