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Greatest Songs of the 90’s

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We have the greatest songs of the 90’s to ring the old memory. The 90s has been able to make such changes in the music style, from the nostalgic love songs and popular dance music to more alternative and hip-hop music styles. Many loved-songs of the 90s were created by one-hit wonders.

“Baby One More Time” – Britney Spears
Britney jean Spears started to be recognized as a pop singer after she picked up the Swedish pop machine Max Martin’s latest song entitled “Hit Me Baby One More Time”. This song surprisingly was able to be Number One in 19 countries. This huge hit had been able to kickstart her major pop career. Although Britney Spears undergone some meltdown in 2007, this song is one of the greatest songs in the 90s back then.

“Killing Me Softly” – The Fugees
This song was able to make the Fugees as the hip-hop musician building their chart supremacy. Killing Me Softly was able to sit as Number One in UK song charts for about five weeks. The vocals of Lauryn Hill as well as the twanging sitar gave the song an easy listening song for the ear. As the song started to finish its chart running, the Fugees – Wyclef, Pras and Lauryn, has become the famous musician at that period.

“Say You’ll Be There” – Spice Girls
This song was a big hit for the Spice Girls as they dressed up as the futuristic assassins back then. They made the breakthrough throughout the lyrics of the song, the video clip, the haircuts, as well as the names. The lyrics and the video were catchy. The costumes were classy and unique where teens tried to imitate. The song was able to be Number One in the song charts in UK for several weeks.

“Enter Sandman” – Metallica
This hit released by Metallica was able to attract huge agen bola terpercaya crowds to the stadium and enjoyed their performance. The song was able to draw attention from the masses and at the same time was also able to satisfy the head-banging crowds. If you happened to watch the live performance of this rock band, you could see that their hardened fans were raising their fists and singing along with such grins.

Enter Sandman , Metallica

Is your song being listed above? Don’t worry, there are still plenty songs which belong to this category, including the greatest hit from Nirvana – “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, Pulp – “Common People”, and many more. Those are the greatest songs of the 90’s to bring your memory back.

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