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GeekGirlCon 2012: Geek Girls Unite!

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GeekGirlCon going on August 11-12th at the Seattle Convention Center

GeekGirlCon going on August 11-12th at the Seattle Convention Center

GeekGirlCon going on August 11-12th at the Seattle Convention Center

Geek is the new black. That’s right ladies. First, it was…well…black. Then pink. Now, it’s geek! Luckily, to fill that fashion hole in your social wardrobe, there’s GeekGirlCon!

GeekGirlCon, in its second year, was created to honor and celebrate the legacy and contributions by women in SCI/FI, comics, art, literature, gaming and game design. It’s a place where “geeky” women can gather, play games, participate in events, enjoy art, buy cool stuff and, most importantly, grow as a community.

The two day event, August 11-12 at the Seattle Convention Center, features an ‘Artist Alley’ with an impressive collection of artists and art studios in attendance as well as an exhibitor/vendor section boasting comics, fashion, games and other geek-girl-friendly kitsch.

42 percent of all game players are women. Women are, by no means, a small percentage in the rest of geekdom. But this reality is not always recognized or celebrated.   -GeekGirlCon

The entire Lower Level of The Conference Center will be transformed into a gaming paradise. There will be tabletop, RPG, and console gaming, game workshops, mystery game challenges, and lots of opportunities to play or learn new games.

The event also has a plethora of presentations, panels, programs, classes and roundtable discussions. There is comedy, filk music and even a masquerade ball. GeekGirlCon has got it all!

To see how much awesome stuff is happenings at GirlGeekCon, check out their site.

To purchase tickets for this event, go here!


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