Family activities near San Francisco to beat end of summer boredom

Family activities near San Francisco to beat end of summer boredom
The Museum of Children's Art in Oakland

The Museum of Children's Art in Oakland

Here we are, the count down to school.  The summer camps are over, the vacations taken, it is now time to fill the days with some local activities.  Head on over to MOCHA in Oakland. The Museum of Children’s Art is the perfect place to let  kids create something special without having to clean up the mess.  With plenty of drop in hours and supplies ranging from paint and glue to playdoh and feathers it is sure to make the kids in your life happy.  The cost is $7.00 per child $3.00 per adult (and yes, you can make something too!) MOCHA  is located in downtown Oakland, pack a lunch and sit outside or enjoy one of the many restaurants nearby.  http://mocha.org/visit/plan-your-visit 

Take advantage of these cool summer days and head on over to Lafayette in the east bay.  There is a reservoir perfect for the budding fisherman, paddle and row boat rentals for the family, or just enjoy the playground for a bit.  The reservoir loop is 3 miles around and bikes are welcome on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons as well as Sunday mornings before 11. If you don’t plan on staying long bring plenty of quarters.  The meters only take quarters.  There is a $6 entrance fee charge if you want to stay longer and park in the designated lot.  Bring a picnic and explore the trails before the indian summer temperatures start to rise.

Head on over to San Mateo for a fun day at the park, beach and museum.  Coyote Point has it all. The playground is amazing, the picnic area is large and the shoreline is just steps away.  go early as the park tends to get crowded mid day.  The playground in the morning followed by some lunch and beachcombing leave your afternoon open to head over to the museum.  The museum offers animal exhibits, feeding and education. Animals range from birds and snakes to Bobcats and raccoons. There is a AAA discount available.  Adults are $8 and kids $4. 

Hopefully your summer winding down can be a fun experience for the whole family.  Take advantage of the local parks and museums that tend to get overlooked in the rush for summer fun.

  • http://www.baynature.org Bay Nature

    Your readers might like to know about the Bay Nature events calendar, which lists hikes, outings, lectures, workshops, etc, happening all over the Bay Area in many of our lovely parks: http://baynature.org/events/calview


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