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Exciting New Things on Social Media You Should Try

Exciting New Things on Social Media You Should Try

The existence of social media itself already gives us entertainment and enjoyable activities. However, do you know that social media that we often use still has many exciting things to try? There are more and more exciting new things on social media that we should not miss and thus should try. What are they? Here they are:

– Making Collaborative Stories in Events and Groups
To begin with let’s see Facebook. What we already know about this social media is that it allows us to post a content that can disappear after twenty four hours. But this Facebook stories are now available for events and groups. Now FB users can make and post Stories that are only visible to the members of their group or to the attendees of the event page. This feature has a private hashtag that is easily moderated by an admin to ensure that the content is on brand and also appropriate for the audience.

Exciting New Things on Social Media You Should TryShowcasing Your Social Media’s Best Content with Instagram Stories Highlight
Now letÆs move to Instagram. Still about the feature of stories, this feature of Instagram lets you showcase your brand and your best contents and post them on the profile of your Instagram account. This new addition in Instagram is surely very valuable for you who need branding because those contents can be saved, re-uploaded, and also measured for any necessary affairs in the long run. What is more, you can also organize the Highlights of your Instagram Stories before posting them be it campaign, theme, or a date.

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