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Country Music Bars in New York City

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Rodeo Bar offers honky-tonk in the big city

Rodeo Bar offers honky-tonk in the big city

New York isn’t exactly a bastion of country music (how’s that for understatement), but country music lovers show up in a lot more places than Nashville, Memphis and small towns across America.

New York has its share of dive bars, plus a few islands of honky-tonk amongst the glitz and glamour. From jukeboxes blaring Johnny Cash to scantily dressed pseudo-cowgirls dancing on bars, the city offers something for country music fans. Which is better than nothing.

CMT even did a write-up on the Rodeo Bar — Rodeo Bar Is New York City’s Honky-Tonk: Traditional Country, Western Swing Find a Home in Manhattan.

“It’s not easy to duplicate the longest-running honky-tonk in New York City. Just ask Mitch Pollack, whose East Side institution, the Rodeo Bar, is the unchallenged holder of that title.”

Take your two-step to these bars:

Rodeo Bar
375 3rd Avenue

Doc Holliday’s
141 Avenue A

Coyote Ugly Saloon
153 First Avenue

The Patriot Saloon
110 Chambers Street

Banjo Jims
9th Street & Avenue C

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