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Cool Pop Songs that Help You Learn English Amazingly Easy

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Music is not merely about entertainment. Do you know that music can also make us learn English? Go listen to the following cool pop songs that can help you learn English amazingly easy while having fun with the rhythm:

ABC by Jackson 5
First song you need to listen to be able to learn English easily while having fun is ABC by Jackson 5. This song features the legend of pop music of all time (Michael Jackson, the King of Pop) and of course the amazing song on its own.

This song lyric focuses more on various vocabularies that are related to love and school. Don’t worry about the difficulty of the lyric as this song has pretty simple and easy to follow lyric. Some vocabularies about school that you can learn from this song is “arithmetic” (one of mathematics types), “do re mi” which is a music phrase of musical instruction.

Always on My Mind by Elvis Presley
Finished listening to ABC? Go on with Always on Mind by Elvis Presley. This song lyric focuses more on a special topic which is love. Through the song, Elvis seemed to tell that he always thought about a particular woman he really loved at that time although she felt he didn’t pay attention to her.

The song title is actually an idiom whose meaning is “I (the singer) am always thinking about you (the woman)”. There are still many other idioms in this song lyric that you can learn. The idioms are mostly about expression love in English.

Why learning English in an intense way if you can make it fun? Learn English easily from some cool pop songs out there. Learning something in a fun way can make the result more effective. Don’t forget to include the songs above to your playlist, will you?

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