Bobby Ryan and Anaheim Ducks agree to a contract days before training camp

Bobby Ryan and Anaheim Ducks agree to a contract days before training camp

Bobby Ryan will wear the Ducks sweater for 5 more years.

TSN’s Bob McKenzie is reporting that Bobby Ryan has finally signed with the Anaheim Ducks for $25.5 million over the next 5 years, just days away from the start of training camp and less than a week before the first pre-season game.

Bobby Ryan, who was a restricted free agent, has been working with the Anaheim Ducks staff for many months now, trying to negotiate a deal.  As training camp drew closer, rumors swirled, but now the deal is being reported as finalized by both TSN and the NHL.

Even though Bobby Ryan and Ducks management were still in talks over the contract, he was listed on the team’s training camp roster, so the expectation was that somehow, despite over 5 months of wrangling, Bobby Ryan would be skating with the Anaheim Ducks this year.

It’s heartening news for Ducks fans planning to attend the opening of training camp, and Bobby Ryan’s new 5 year contract is great news for fans hoping for a more productive run at a winning season this year, although the contract was for longer than he had reportedly wanted earlier in negotiations.

The deal also pays him less than his teammates Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry.  Yahoo Sports is reporting that Bobby Ryan’s new contract doesn’t contain either a no movement or no trade clause. The deal is reported to be finalized, but Bobby Ryan hasn’t signed yet.  He is expected to sign this afternoon.


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