Animal Organs that You Don’t Think Are Edible but Actually Are

Animal Organs that You Don’t Think Are Edible but Actually Are

Eating meat is a habit commonly found throughout the entire planet. Meat is in fact one of the main staples in some countries. Beef, steak, meats of birds (white and dark), ham, etc. have been integrated fully into people’s diet regimen so much so that it is hard to imagine a world where its people don’t recognize meats as a staple. Eating meats of any variety is one thing; what you won’t find commonly shared by all countries of the world is the inclusion of organs of animals in meal plans. You may consider consuming parts of an animal other than its meat something gross but others would certainly have them in a heartbeat.

Ox tongue, for example, is a popular delicacy in Sendai, Japan. In this city, the tongue of ox is served in a variety of ways. A gizzard is an organ located in the digestive tract of a bird that functions as a grinder of sort. In short, it helps the bird with digesting its food. And it’s found in a pepper soup dish in Nigeria. The Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Thailand are so popular spots where you can find gizzard-base dishes.

Beef heart is served in Peru as anticuchos, a dish that is essentially composed of marinated, skewered, and grilled beef heart. Lamb kidneys are served in Hong Kong restaurants as part of a stir-fry. Lamb kidneys are either grilled or sautéed in France. Consumption of goat brains is a common practice in the Middle East. In Mumbai, the goat brains are mixed with spices such as ginger and chili. The practice of eating duck liver might be propagated by the French with their famous foie gras, whose texture is known to be almost buttery. Haggis, the well-known Scottish dish, is famous for one thing: it is composed of parts of a sheep that you might not even consider consuming tucked inside the sheep’s stomach and boiled. Now, you may not think that eating pork is something unusual. The animal is basically domesticated for the purpose of meeting men’s diet plans. However, the animal’s intestines, on the other hand, might not be the one thing about a pig that you would consider having. The blood sausage of China is a perfect example of this practice, in which pig intestines are filled with a mixture of stock and, well, blood. Pig intestines filled with noodles, spices, and, again, blood, are known as soondae in South Korea and sold as a street dish.

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